Saturday, March 19, 2016


Gary W. Ferrington The following list articles that I have written related to art events in Eugene and beyond.


03-08-2013 Tomorrow's Music Today - review of the University of Oregon's Music Today Festival, March, 2013.

07-11-2013 Composing the Future - Emerging composers attend the 2013 Oregon Bach Festival's Composers Symposium

10-03-2013 Islands in the Stream: UO Live Streaming Brings New Music to Oregon


03-01-2014 March Music Moderne: A River Unites Us - Eugene and Portland ensembles bridge Oregon's two major cities.

04-28-2014 Oregon Composers Forum: Eugene's Incubator for New Music

05-10-2014 Singer Esteli Gomez: Inprovising a career in contemporary classical music

05-17-2014 Pacific Rim Gamelan: Cross-cultural composition

06-19-2014 Preview: Bringing Anima Mundi's opera "Canticle of the Black Madona" to life

07-14-2014 Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium: Composing a Career

07-29-2014 Oregon Jazz Ensemble in Europe: Jaming and Learning Abroad

08-21-2014 Composer Ethan Gans-Morse: Music as Social Voice

09-15-2014 Film Preview: I Live For Art - Oregon-made film chronicles creativity's ups and downs

10-18-2014 Orchestra Next and Eugene Ballet: Creating the Total Dance Experience

10-29-2014 Third Angle New Music preview: The Sound of the Pacific Northwest

11-04-2014 Cascadia Composers Review: Northwesterners look to the East


01-14-2015 Music Today Festival Preview: New sounds by Oregon's next generation

04-06-2015 Eugene Ballet’s Tommy: Turning rock opera into dance

04-27-2015 Oregon Composers Forum preview: New voices from Eugene

08-02-2015 Crowd-sourced Choreography: Ever wanted to be a choreographer? #instaballet lets the audience determine the dance.

08-25-2015 Northwest Arts Exchange: Collaboration and Community Building

09-4-2015 Delgani String Quartet celebrates Oregon Art

09-26-2015 NW Screendance Exposition: Moving Images

10-19-2015 Fall Season: Live From Beall Hall

10-22-2015 Oregon Media Project: Channeling Oregon’s beauty into music

10-29-2015 Preview: Eugene Opera’s ‘The Turn of the Screw’

11-05-2015 Oregon Composers Forum: Seeding new Oregon music: Fresh shounds flourish from University of Oregon new music program, guest artists, and student-led ensembles

11-09-2015 New Music From Old Traditions: Two world premieres by David Crumb and Terry McQuilkin in Eugene reflect the past in music of today


01-11-2016 EstelĂ­ Gomez & Roomful of Teeth in Oregon

01-19-2016 Cascadia Composers preview: Engaging ears, eyes, minds

02-04-2016 Eugene Ballet preview: Interactive Dialogue of Vibrating Frequencies

03-18-2016 Delgani String Quartet preview: Musical & cultural mix

03-28-2016 Eugene Ballet preview: Dancing Gatsby - Company and OrchestraNext premiere original works set to the music of Marsalis and Grieg.

03-28-2016 Eugene Concert Choir, Oregon Contemporary Theatre previews: Alzheimer's onstage

04-03-2016 Tony Glausi: Finding musical identity

04-05-2016 Radio Redux preview: Radio days revied - Eugene theatre company performs classic radio and film stories live

05-03-2016 Eugene Symphony preview: Northwest dawnEugene composer Robert Kyr’s new Piano Concerto was inspired by Oregon landscapes

05-08-2016 Eugene Ballet Hosts BodyVox: Congenial collaboration

05-16-2016 Plato, Socrates and Jazz: Concert and forum connect jazz, children, and philosophy

05-18-2016 Delgani Quartet preview: Celebrating American sounds and scenes

05-24-2016 “The Thaw” preview: A transitional journeyWorld premiere of Oregon composer's new work culminates a collaborative creative process.

06-17-2016 Makrokosmos 2 preview: Musicians in the Midst - Piano -propelled contemporary music festival returns to Portland and Eugene

06-20-2016 Mentoring a community of 21st Century Composers

08-22-2016 OBF Composers Symposium: Collaboration, co-creativity, community 

09-07-2016 Music@Home: Desktops and devices are the new venues

09-13-2016 Arts Sampler: Eugene by train for a car free, arts-stuffed weekend

10-31-2016 Northwest Screen Dance Exposition: Celebrating choreographed cinema

11-14-2016 "Ode to the Future" Nurturing Young Oregon Composers

12-05-2016 Obsidian Animals Preview: Jazz Journey

12-13-2016 “Water is Life” preview: A River Lullaby


01-25-2017 Eugene Ballet preview: Cracking the glass slipper

01-20-2017 Riverside Chamber Symphony preview: River lullaby and seasonal abstracts

02-07-2017 Delgani String Quartet: Commissioning tomorrow's classics

04-12-2017 Music Today Festival preview: Incubating and showcasing new music

04-18-2017 Music of the Forest preview: Old growth new Music

05-08-2017 "The Banshee" preview: A new opera by Daniel Daly

05-29-2017 "Music Today Festival" review: listening, collaborating, exploring

07-21-2017 A China-Oregon connection: UO's Jeffrey Stolet bridges the Pacific through music

09-05-2017 Making 'Two Yosemites' Oregon composer/naturalist Justin Ralls combines advocay for wilderness and passion for music in new environmental chamber opera.

10-09-2017 Northwest Screendance Exposition preview: moving shadows on the wall.

10-17-2017 Third Angle preview: spring planting, fall harvest.

10-23-2017 Delgani Quartet preview: Cascadian perspectives


02-25-2018 Setting Brecht: Daniel Daly's new 'Mother Courage' music

04-08-2018 Eugene Ballet preview: dance of the mountain king

04-14-2018 Delgani String Quartet preview: Crimes of Passion

04-18-2018 Rogue Valley Symphony Preview: Season of Renewal

05-29-2018 Emblems Wind Quintet preview: fresh breezes

07-25-2018 Beta Percussion Institute: crossroads of performance and composition

07-31-2018 Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium: Big Tent

09-03-2018 Tango of the White Gardenia: dance lessons

10-01-2018 Freshening the Streams

11-12-2018 Devilish Doings


01-29-2019 "Gr*mmy Show" spoofing the stars.

02-08-2019 TaiHei Ensemble: Garden Reflections

03-08-2019 Bridging Town and Gown Through Dance

04-01-2019 Suzanne Haag plays with fire

11-15-2019 Finding Hope Through Music


02-22-2020 A Tree Grows in Eugene

11-20-2020 Channeling Oregon Sounds and Sights

12-01-2020 Sound Art for A Walk In The Park

12-07-2020 Bringing Light To Winter Darkness

12-24-2020 Beat the pandemic: Travel for the homebound


04-15-2021 A year of hope and resilience